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I've kept my mouth shut, but now that this is #1 of all time I have to open it! This movie is just a bunch of drawings with very little animation at all. Yes, the drawings are very good... but they're also very gay (don't take that personally, I just think they look gay) And of course the song is good - I'm sure if it was set to another piece of music the score would be lower. So overall, yeah great art - but please people, this should not be the number one movie in the portal at ANY time...


Interesting, but the graphics were pretty plain (deliberately i'm guessing) but plain nonetheless. The animation was nothing exceptional, but the film was different from most on NG. Top 50 material? no.

Narcissus responds:

If it's not top 50 material, then how exactly did it get there? Well, the audience of Newgrounds, believe it or not, is not exclusive to 13-year olds and disaffected college students. Real people with real lives and real, everyday problems also come here, albeit not as often. Yes, there are people out there that know that there is more to life than one-liner inside jokes and senseless violence... The people that ranked this movie to this place know it, the four major sites hosting my animations know it, the nice British people that gave me £1600 for this know it and even Tom Fulp, who features this one in the 'toons' section knows it.

Well, as I have learned from experience, those who can, do... those who can't, teach... and all I know is that I can easily live off my work... can you? ;-)

I hate to but....

This movie is obviously well drawn and animated, but noisemedia needs a new writer :( The movie really didn't go anywhere, it's a dumb storyline to begin with, and I didn't find it funny at all.
Art Animation - Thumbs Up SToryLiNe/Humor - Boo!

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I've seen this before but it's great!!! This ranks up there as one of the best flash games I've ever seen. I tried to give you an 11 for Interactivity, but apparentely that's not allowed : ) TIP for users - this plays a lot better (faster) on low quality.


Try using correct spelling. And people, don't try to put together your flash movies in one day cause they all look like this one... :(

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